If you are in this link the possibility is high that you have one or more missing teeth. A dental Implant is a versatile, conservative and comprehensive solution for missing teeth to simulate nature in modern dental practices.

In case a tooth is missing, traditionally dentists make a removable denture (that are really bulky and uncomfortable) or cut adjacent teeth to make a fixed bridge. 50 years of research in our field has shown time and again that cutting healthy adjacent teeth to replace missing teeth reduces their life by several decades and eventually the adjacent tooth that has been cut is lost. An implant is the right solution to replace such missing teeth.

Missing front teeth can be replaced with implants to give you a smile in which no artifice is evident. For our elderly patients who have lost all their teeth implant based full mouth solutions can get them back to eating and looking as they did with their natural teeth thereby improving their quality of life and preventing onset various digestive disorders that happen due to improperly chewed food.

Whether it’s a Straightforward, Advanced or Complex case we are trained to advise and execute dental implant based treatment plans for all our patients, customized to their requirements!

An Accredited Member of AACD, a Diplomate of the ICOI, Fellow of ISOI and a Director of the ITI study club in India, our Implantologist Dr. Ali Tunkiwala has the credentials that demonstrate his focus and commitment to remain contemporary in this evolving field. Dr Bhakti Tunkiwala has received advanced training and education in management of soft tissue and allied procedures required frequently for a successful completion of an Implant case.

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