Full Mouth Rehabilitation deals with the science of treating a mutilated dental situation that involves treatment of many or all teeth and helps them function in harmony with the surrounding muscles and the TM joint.

The teeth in human body work in a very fine balance with the surrounding Gums, Muscles and the TM joint. The ravages of time, age and diseases, combined with the stress of modern days can lead to breakdown of one or more of these elements in our systems.

Loss of natural teeth, failure to replace missing teeth or progressive tooth wear sometimes created by consumption of acidic cola based drinks or due to gastric reflux disorders create a complex problem in dental management. This leads to a poor unesthetic smile and may be further complicated by frequent headaches and TM Joint pain.

Such patients with advanced dental bite problems require comprehensive dental care that aims at full mouth rehabilitation to restore the teeth to their ideal form and provide a good smile with a healthy joint. Our team at Smiles: By design under the guidance of Dr. Ali Tunkiwala has a special understanding of the techniques of Full Mouth Rehabilitation as it is the subject dealt with in details while acquiring his Masters degree in Prosthetic Dentistry. Based on years of experience and vigorous training in this subject, he conducts special training programs for fellow dentists to help them gain greater understanding of this complex science and provide optimum care for their patients.

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